The Story

The game, "The Lighthouse" takes place February 19, 1964. You play as Irvine, a former detective turned private investigator in the state of Maine. Irvine's life is typical for someone who solves problems that the city doesn't have the inclination to follow up on or solve. In doing so, many lucrative cases that would come to his office are from locals, usually fulfilling requests to shadow couples looking to expose infidelity or business owners asking Irvine to gather enough evidence to incriminate a business partner. February 19th is an important anniversary for Irvine, as it was the day he lost his first born, Lily, to cancer 7 years before. Every year, he would visit her, place a yellow lily and lit candle on her gravestone and watch it burn until it was extinguished. This tradition had never been broken, until today. As Irvine began to pack and leave his office, candle in hand, he noticed a letter slide underneath his door. 

The letter was marked "Irvine" and inside it read: 

"Mr. Irvine, 

My daughter hasn't come home for 2 years, 4 months and 9 days. You see, she's missing. She was involved in the old lighthouse incident, you may remember her name- Lily. I've asked the local authorities to look for her, but they haven't got a clue. They tell me horrible things that no parent should hear. They tell me to accept that she may have died. Worst, they tell me they can't help. I can't sleep until I know where she is, if she's safe, if she's scared, if she's trying to come home but can't find home. Help me find her. Look for her at the Lighthouse, as that was her last known location. 

 -Elizabeth Beaumont                            

Inside the envelope was an address and a yellow lily.

The Articles

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