Shadow Knights Studio, LLC
Based in Mission Viejo, California

Release Date: 

Q4 2017




PC / Xbox One / PS4



A uniquely crafted thriller with glimpses into psychotic dimensions, Private Investigator Irvine is lured into a haunting Neo-Noir world in search of missing 19 year old Lily Beaumont. Traverse the abandoned property of Maine’s wealthiest family, the Wescott’s located near an old lighthouse.


In January of 2014 we created a game called The Lighthouse at global game jam (48 hours to make a game). The Lighthouse started as a 2d point and click adventure game, with unique puzzles and game mechanics. We loved the game and story so much that we always we wanted to come back to it and make it a full game. In 2015 we started development on the newest version of The Lighthouse, using Unreal Engine and completely changing the game to a First person 3D experience.


The Lighthouse is a first person thriller. Find Lily Beaumont by overcoming environmental obstacles and puzzles while avoiding a dangerous presence that follows you. Use your flashlight and the light from The Lighthouse to guide your way. 


The Lighthouse Trailer 2017 - Youtube

Alpha Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough - Youtube

The Lighthouse Alpha Demo Reaction Reel - Youtube 

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Selected Articles

  • The Golden Cartridge

    "The Lighthouse quickly becomes an indie gem that should not be missed!"

  • Cliqist

    "looks like a solid experience for lovers of the thriller genre"

  • Alpha Beta Gamer

    "An intense experience that will challenge your grey matter while also making your skin crawl."  

  • Rocky Bytes

    "Sets a tense atmosphere for you to explore in"  

  • VRFocus

    "Point and Click Thriller The Lighthouse Looks for Success on Kickstarter"  

  • N3.

    " The Lighthouse is a gorgeously terrifying adventure/horror game that is looking very promising!"  

The Lighthouse Credits

Laylee Bodaghee

Programmer & Designer 

Ari Bodaghee

Programmer & Designer 

Daniah Mandegary

Art Director & Designer 

Mimi Page